Kuber Bali ATV Adventure – For those who like to try adventurous tours and want to test your adrenaline, go and try this one, Quadbike ATV ride. Quadbike ATV ride is an adventure tour with special motorcycle riding. If you would like to enjoy Bali’s nature in a different way, a quadbike ride might just be an interesting alternative. ATV is actually an extension of all terrain vehicle. Perhaps it’s because it has a similar shape tractor, some Russian tourists often call it a mini tractor. hahaha … As the name implies, quadbike ATV can be through a variety of terrain.

Quadbike bali activity is one of the most favourite trip by some domestic or foreign tourists who really want to pit your balls in Bali!! This kind of ATV ride adventure now very much to be found in Bali. There are many company agents in Bali that provide Quadbike tours. One of the best agents in Bali that provides ATV quadbike service is Krisna Tours Bali, which works together with one of the renowned company in ubud.

The price offered is very affordable, you can just click : Best Bali Quadbike Adventure. Adventure path that will be taken as far as 4.5 km, able to satisfy the tourists who visit this tour located in Payangan village of Bali. Evidently, every day there are dozens of foreign tourists choose to spur quadbike vehicle with a capacity of 250 cc at this location. The time spent on playing ATV is usually about 1, 5 to 2 hours.

The path is very challenging, starting from the sloping dirt roads, over steep cliffs, over rivers, waterfalls, and a cave that is approximately 10 meters long. the most challenging here is when crossing the irrigation system or aungan and flow Tukad Wos or Wos river. This is going to be the interesting one, because the scenery along the Wos river is very exotic. To cross the path, tourists can spend more or less 30 minutes more, and will revolve around there. The tourists will get a chance to rest in a little tent, and they can buy soft drinks, or other beverages. After completing this trip, the tourists will be served with delicious food by enjoying a vast view of rice fields.