Gili island becomes one of the most favorite destinations in Lombok that offers beautiful landmarks and fun rides. Gili island consists of three islands, they are Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air. Many tourists who visit Bali are willing to visit Gili island to enjoy Gili vacations and some fun rides. Gili Snorkeling is one of the most favorite rides on Gili island. You can find so many snorkeling spots locations in Gili island.

Gili Snorkeling Spot Location in Lombok
Bali Gili Fast Boat to Lombok

About Gili Snorkeling

If you like to enjoy the beauty of the seabed on the Gili islands, then you should try snorkeling when visiting this island. This could be your best Gili vacation during your holiday in Bali. Even though Gili island is no longer part of the island of Bali, but every tourist who visits Bali can go to Gili island to have more fun, including snorkeling.

Speaking of Snorkeling in Gili island, there are so many snorkeling spot locations that you can visit. Since Gili island consists of three islands, you can visit one of the islands where it is surrounded by beautiful beaches that offer snorkeling activity. Every corner of the island of Gili has extraordinary views where you can try a snorkeling experience at one of the snorkeling spots available on the island. Gili Trawangan is the most populous Gili island and is the largest Gili island. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the natural beauty under the sea as well as Gili Water and Gili Meno.

Getting Gili Snorkeling

How to get to the Gili island to enjoy snorkeling? Well, if you stay in Bali, you can just go to Gili island by Bali Gili fast boat. Gili fast boat is a trusted fast boat service in Bali and on the Gili islands. You can book a trip to Gili island every day. You can choose the one-way or two ways route. From the island of Bali, Gili island can be reached in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Gili fast boat has a strength of 1500 horsepower and can accommodate as many as 200 passengers. The fast boat also provides a high level of service and safety. In this case, every passenger will get safety equipment during the tour including life jackets, EPIRB, life raft, lights, life ring, VHS ship to shore radion, and GPS. So, in case you want to enjoy snorkeling on Gili island, you need to book the ticket now.

The Price of Gili Fast Boat

How much does Gili fast boat cost? Bali Gili fast boat is also quite affordable, especially if you book two ways route. For one way route, you only have to pay $45 or IDR 500,000. Meanwhile, if you prefer two ways, the price is only around $ 80 or IDR 900,000 per person. The route will start from Padang Bai in Bali to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

Gili Fast Boat Pickup Point

Where does the tour start from? Anyway, there are several pickup points in Bali just in case you plan to go to Gili island. If you stay in Legian and Kuta, the meeting point is at Giant Supermarket. Canggu and Seminyak, the pickup points will be at Bintang Supermarket. In Ubud, the meeting point is at Coco Supermarket beside Bebek Bengil Restaurant. If you stay in Jimbaran Area and Nusa Dua, you will be picked up at McDonald Jimbaran.

Picked up Time

What time will you be picked up? The pick-up time will start between 06.30am – 07.30am depending on where you stay. If you stay in Seminyak, Legian, and Kuta, the pick-up time will be around 06.30am – 07.30am. Canggu, Kerobokan, Jimbaran, and Nusa Dua, the pickup time will be 06.30am – 07.30am. Sanur, Ubud, and Denpasar, the pickup time will be 06.30am – 07.30am.

Booking Gili Fast Boat

Do you plan to enjoy snorkeling on Gili island? Well, you can book the fast boat now. If you want to book the ticket, you can book it online on Krisna Tour Website. Bali Gili fast boat includes insurance coverage and transport pick up and drop off. It will be better to book a two-way tour to save money. If you are currently staying on Gili Island, you can also book a ticket for the Bali island tour.

Bali Rafting activity or Bali white water rafting seem quite scary to those who have never tried, specially for those who can not swim. But the rafting activity in Ayung River, Bali, it feels too dear not to be tested. Located not far from the center of Ubud village, our Ubud Rafting Company has the longest rafting route on the island.

The nine-kilometer route is also the oldest rafting route that has existed since 1989. With modern facilities and adequate, this adrenaline activity is guaranteed safe for ages five to 65 years. The starting point of preparation is at headquarters located on Jalan Raya Kedawatan, Ubud. The rafting participants will be given lockers along with different electrical locks between lockers. After changing the ready-made clothes, participants will be grouped and then escorted to the point of departure for miles in the north. After entering the village with left-right road in the form of rice field scenery nan awake, arrived at the place of departure rafting in the upstream Ayung River. Ayung River spring itself comes from Mount Batur and Lake Kintamani.

At the point of departure, passengers will be given a set of rafting completeness in the form of rowing, buoys, and helmets. Do not forget the safety insurance administration procedure was implemented. With the guide, the participants are accompanied down about 600 steps to the river bank. As long as the decline of stairs that have been neat and equipped with the handle, natural scenery of the Ayung River forest faithfully accompany step by step. Be careful in descending these steps. In addition to the humid conditions, down hundreds of stairs enough to make the condition of the legs shaking or the view becomes less alert.

It’s good to take a break or warm up the leg muscles and hands before descending the stairs. Once arrived at the riverbank, the guides in charge of accompanying the rubber boats will be ready to help prepare passengers to wade the rafting of the Ayung River. Although it looks calm, it’s good to prepare mentally as possible, and do not forget to entrust the water-susceptible electronics to the guide to be stored in a waterproof bag.

Starting a day for beginners may be a bit awkward. The weight of thrust against the flow of river water is enough to make the base of the arm becomes sore. But the guide who has been going through the river current, and also has an international certificate, enough to make the lazy passenger’s burden to paddle into light. Along the way, various types of rapids will be encountered, ranging from mild to demanding co-operation and command compliance from the guide. One-one, the boat will be overturned due to caught or careless act of passengers.

But the guides seem to have been very well trained to be worry of it, sometimes even they make a lot of joke that relaxes the nerves that are strained by adrenaline. The guides were quite interactive and very friendly, just like their own friends. But, do not be surprised if when the middle of fun rowing will be splashed water, either by other rafting groups, or a nosy guide. Playing water in the middle of the river is always exciting.

Incomplete it feels sailing rafting without enjoying the scenery around. Ayung River located in the area of ​​Ubud is surrounded by cliffs that are still covered by dense forest. When lucky, the visitors will find a herd of monkeys who live in this region. The cliffs along the river were adorned with small waterfalls or tree roots that form like an abstract painting that creates the atmosphere as in a movie through the Amazon jungle. What is interesting is, there is a stone wall on the edge of the river carved reliefs like in the temple. The length of the relief itself is quite long, can reach tens of meters. This carving was made many years ago, deliberately carved out telling the story of Ramayana. Although it was made and not too long, but the moss attached to make this relief seemed relics before century.

Surprises have not stopped there yet. The Ayung River, home to some of these adventure tours, has an unusually large waterfall, its constellation stones look like black boxed granite boxes. The rafting participants, most of whom are foreign tourists, do not want to waste the opportunity to ‘bathe’ under the excitement of a fairly heavy waterfall. In locations that also become a place of rest, visitors can take pictures ria memorize the moment or want to show off in social media.

In addition to feeling the natural beauty and the adventure of wading the Ayung River, the rowing participants will also see black sand mining done traditionally in some places in this river. Volcanic sand from Mount Batur is a material for the manufacture of buildings or temples. Ayung River beauty makes two hours drive from the bottom of the canyon will not be felt.

Unwittingly, the participants had arrived at the last post. Although it will no longer wet, but the adventure is not over. To reach the location where the goods are stored and out of the Ayung River canyon, participants must climb approximately 300 steps leading to the path above the canyon. When the unaccustomed and tired due to rafting, no need to hurry. Rest for a moment so that the thigh does not hurt from this adventure.

“We chose Ayung River because of the beautiful and natural scenery of Ubud, this river is a safe category for beginners in rafting”. In addition, the rafting schedule will be adjusted to the natural conditions of the river, from water discharge to the weather, for the safety of passengers.” After rafting, passengers can take documentation taken by photographers hiding among the bushes along the river route. At least after rushing and shouting as much as the heart because of the ‘boom’ white water rafting, the lips can smile to see your own facial expressions while wading through the rapids that test the adrenaline.