Cycling nowadays is not only one of the sports that interest and become a lifestyle trend among local people, but cycling activity also become one of alternative tourism activity in Bali. For this tour activity, foreign or local tourists will be invited to enjoy the nature of Bali Island while pedaling bicycle. Usually this activity is done in rural areas in Bali, such as in Kintamani, Karangasem, or Ubud. One of the Cycling Tour Operators in Bali that provides this facility, Bali Cyling Tours says, Cycling activity has become a lifestyle trend for tourists visiting Bali. So when in Bali they are offered cycling activity while enjoying the natural beauty of Bali, they will welcome with enthusiasm. 

For this cycling activity, it is designed as one of the outdoor activities that not only able to provide physical benefits for the tourists, but this activity is also able to provide the experience of cycling in rural road Bali to tourists. In addition to the natural beauty, tourists are also given the experience to see firsthand the cultural activities undertaken by the people of Bali, because cycling activity is done in bebrapa rural areas in Bali.

One of the cycling trends provided by Bali Cycling Tours is Batur volcano and Ubud bike tracks. On this track, tourists will not only be introduced to the traditional agrarian activities of rural communities, ie farming activities as the main livelihoods of nearby communities, but tourists will also be introduced on some cultural activities of Ubud community.

This is because the cycling path has been adjusted and combined by the organizers between the natural path and cultural path. So that tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of Bali but tourists will also be introduced to cultural activities, because tourists will be invited to stop for a moment in a place that elements of Balinese culture is still maintained.

For this cycling tour activity in Ubud, it will really become the most popular spot by foreign tourists, since Ubud is one of the arts and cultural centers in Bali, of course every side of Ubud has many uniqueness that can be enjoyed by tourists directly. And also the tourists will see the beautiful view of Mount Batur and see the caldera. Starting from the curving road contours through the rice fields of alang-alang to the plantation area owned by local residents such as coffee, chocolate, and many other beautiful scenery that can be explored by tourists. With a highly committed guide, tourists will understand the culture and nature of Bali in which the majority of the population is Hindu.