Interesting Facts on Gili Island, West Nusa Tenggara Lombok

The Gili Island is an isle of islands in West Musa Tenggara Lombok. The islands have been the magnet for tourists to come every year. It is a perfect place for tourists who are looking for a new pristine destination with tranquillity and beautiful beaches. There are three main islands in the Gili Island complex which are Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. These three islands are the most visited island.

Even though there are lots of tourist guides about Gili Island, but the island still has lots of secrets. Besides the common guides, here are some interesting facts about Gili Island which probably be useful when you visiting the island one day.

Interesting Facts on Gili Island, West Nusa Tenggara Lombok

No Motor Vehicle in Gili Island

In this day and age, transportation in Gili Island is very limited. You may shock to know that there is no single motor vehicle on the land of Gili Island. The local people make sure there is no motor vehicle on the island, so the environment will remain pristine and clean. To get around the island, you can rent a bicycle for a day. If you are lucky, some hotel my provide bicycle for free. However, if you do not want to work out during the holiday, you can just hop in a horse cart or the locals call it ‘cidomo’. This may not be a smooth ride around the island, but still, it is easier than having a bicycle.

The Fast Boat is Affordable

Gili Island is not attached to the mainland of Lombok. There are some methods to get to the islands but the most convenient is by fast boat. Bali Gili fast Boat is one of the famous fast boat operators. Departing from Padang Bai, Bali, you can get to Gili Island in around 80 minutes only. The journey time can be extended to two hours when the weather is not good. However, the fast boat is still the best transportation choice than the extra slow public ferry which can take up to 8 hours of the ride. The Bali Gili fast Boat also provides pickup and drop off from the hotel you are staying. It is best to book your fast boat ticket a day before departure and make sure to check the weather because the wave can get very rough during bad weather.

Be Selective With Alcohol

Methanol poisoning has been a serious issue in Indonesia, especially in tourist areas. There are a considerable amount of deaths because of methanol poisoning in Bali and Gili Island. Be very selective when choosing alcohol. If possible avoid bars which serve ‘arak’ or any kind of local spirits. also, imported alcohol is unbelievably expensive because it is heavily taxed. So, be very careful when you are served with cocktails or welcome drinks.

Better Prepare Cash

It is not surprising if you find it difficult to use a credit card on such a small island. Though you can still use a credit card in some bigger hotels, resorts, and private villas but expect a 3-5% of the surcharge. Otherwise, it is better to prepare some cash rather than struggling to find a place that receives credit card payment. Also, finding ATM in Gili Island can be quite rare so make sure you prepare some cash before coming to the island.

Internet Access

Internet access is available on the island but it can be painfully slow as expected from a small island. There are some internet shops and cafes that provide internet service. Some hotels and villas also premise with free WiFi in Gili Trawangan.



Aside from the painfully slow internet connection electricity in Gili Island is also prone to the shortage. The local electric company may cut the electric supply out of nowhere and without prior warning. Bigger hotels and resorts may have backup generators though most accommodations may not have them.


Though the island is surrounded by water, actually there is no fresh water source in Gili Island. Freshwater is transported from Bali and sometimes public restroom provides saltwater for a bath. Drink only from bottled water and make sure the bottle is still sealed.

Health Care

All Gili Island have a standby nurse in the health care center who will give basic first aid treatment. There is also a 24-hour clinic in Gili Trawangan with a stand-by doctor. In case of a serious condition, it is better to go to the mainland to get better treatment.


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