Mount Batur Information

Just like Mount Agung located in Karangasem, the potential and beauty of Mount Batur is not less interesting. In fact, the exotic and beauty of Mount Batur makes this mountain is one of the mainstay of tourist attractions in Bangli regency. Mount Batur is very beautiful if viewed in the morning because in addition to the air is still cool, tourists will also be shown by the decline of a thin mist that covers some of the peaks of Mount Batur.

Every tourist attraction that is natural (without interfering with human hands) is almost always always attached with an interesting history to find out because it always contains a mystical mystery. Sometimes also embellished with nonsensical stories if logically logic and using science. But precisely therein lies the attraction.

Once, Mount Batur is contained in the story of Lontar Susana Bali, mentioned is the peak of Mount Mahameru moved by Batara Pasupati to be made Sthana Betari Danuh (Dewi Danu’s palace). So therefore by the majority of local people of Mount Batur is considered to have a magical power that thick with magic elements. So, at a certain time all the Hindus who come from various regions in Bali come to Mount Batur is to Suzhihih (kind of offerings) to avoid pest disasters that hit their fields.

In every tourist attraction there must always be a favorite area visitors are often explored to further increase the traffic of tourist visits. Well, in Mount Batur itself has several areas that highlighted the crater of the mountain, caldera, and the lake that we are familiar with Lake Batur. Interestingly there is a stream of water in the soil that flows the waters of Lake Batur to various areas in Bali so it appears to be the water of water and called the Holy Tirta.

Location of Mount Batur itself adjacent to Lake Batur which can be reached about 1 hour drive from the Capital of Denpasar. If coming in the morning, then certainly visitors can see and feel the atmosphere of Mount Batur is very natural and cool, can also explore the entire area of ​​favorite tourists, including Lake Batur located at the foot of the mountain.

Tripadvisor awarded the Certificate of Excellence to Ascent of Mount Batur which consistently shows its commitment to achieve outstanding performance in the Tourism Industry especially providing the best service to tourists (Source Disparbud of Bangli Regency). 


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